Hi, I'm Tyler Alterman, cognitive-science-researcher-turned-entrepreneur, 31 years old, and I have a mysterious gut condition. It has been more or less disabling me for over 4 years.

I went from being a happy person known for extreme amounts of energy to being a depressed bum who feels like poopy all the time. Since getting 9 different diagnoses from 9 different medical professionals and doing some self-experimentation, I'm now somewhere in between these two poles. ...But the condition remains undiagnosed and unsolved, hence this website designed for people who might help me solve it.

Right now I'm looking for is people who have a causal understanding of the gut-brain system. Read more about who I'm looking for.

UPDATE 6/21/22: I’m doing much better these days thanks largely to finally having found the type of doctor I was looking for (Dr. Adam Sandford). I’m at maybe 80-85% of where I use to be – up from something like 45% a year ago. Woohoo! Anyway, the info below hasn’t been updated for over six months, so please treat it as archival.

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Before gut condition


After gut condition

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